Minutes 2014 September

Minutes of 9/20/14 Greater Ann Arbor Intergroup meeting



Lynn (treasurer)

Shelley (secretary)

Steve (website) Fri 5:30

Christen Mon 7:00

Ellen Fri 1:30

Bridget Sun 7:00

Steve Toledo

Sally Wed 6:00

Katlyn Mon Dexter

Susan Tues 6:30


Linda J – Region V Trustee


The meeting convened at 11:30 am with the Serenity Prayer and the reading of the 12 Steps, followed by the roll call and setting of the agenda.



Treasurer – Lynn provided an updated budget worksheet, and suggested that, in addition to our quarterly contributions to Region V and WSO, we also send a one-time contribution of $500 to each.  The Intergroup discussed and approved the suggestion.


Literature – Karen was absent but submitted the literature report


Website – Steve and Christen are working on keeping the site updated. Their next project: uploading the newsletter. Lynn noted that she occasionally receives notices from the web hosting service; going forward she will forward them to both Steve and Christen.


Newsletter: no report was submitted. Christen noted that the newsletter editor may or may not be moving out of the area for a job, and that we should evaluate where we want to take the newsletter in the future, and think about a succession plan. These are action items for future discussion.


We Care List: members provided their yellow/orange update sheets to Christen



The IDEA (International Day or Experiencing Abstinence) workshop is scheduled for November 15 at the Notre Dame Provincial House in Toledo. Flyers to come.


Planning will soon begin on a Spring workshop, possibly themed on service


Region V Update:

Linda shared her story, updated us on current happenings with Region V, and listened to our questions and concerns. She understood our frustration about IG representation, attendance and filling open leadership positions, and reassured us that our concerns are quite typical among groups.


The group then brainstormed about how to address these issues, considering the following options:

1. Sending an IG rep to each meeting to introduce IG and encourage participation

2. Personally asking others to join and participate in IG

3. Dividing up duties when they may be overtaxing current members

4. Identifying a list of prospective members and prospective delegates to the next RV meetings

5. Creating a list or grid to help members visualize the open slots and officer positions

6. Including a “plug” for IG at next workshop

7. Consider a service-themed workshop in the spring


The next meeting is scheduled for Nov 22 (note that this is a week later than usual due to the timing if the fall workshop)


The meeting closed with “I Put My Hand In Yours”


Respectfully submitted

Shelley Z