Minutes 2014 June



1) open with serenity prayer  11:32


2)read 12 steps


3) Roll call. present were:

karen, ellen, lynn, katlyn, frank, susan, christen, steve (toledo)


4) Minutes were emailed out


5) treasurer’s report- Lynn

1/2 way through year, on target with 7th tradition contributions

do we want to send $$ on to region and WS?


Discussion followed about sending delegates to Region 5 and wsbc


A) motion to provide anorexia/bulimia plus welcome back packets free as we do newcomer packets- karen, lynn seconded


B) ellen- moved that we wait to send extra $$ on, katlyn seconded


6)  Literature–  reports distributed


7) Webmaster- steve L not present.  Member brought up frustration with inconsistent website


discussion of problem and possible solutions


short term solution: have extra volunteer help Steve L

Long-term solution: continuous agenda item for IG and seek professional upkeep

8) Newsletter-  concern about access to the newsletter — could we get an e copy emailed each time to IG reps?


9) Old Business

Nov workshop updates:

Toledo Steve– wondering if we want to have a Region 5 workshop in Nov rather than prepare for holidays

general consensus to do that if we can emphasize holidays

PI committee update- no meetings set up at this time.  increased signage on buses, for example is current project


10) New business

WSBC wrap up report- distributed

11) We Care List-nearly all meetings have update paperwork

Ilze and Christen will work together on this while Susan takes on email list


12) Chair concerns-


meeting reps

needing to step down as of chair

13) Next IG meeting  July 19. 2014