Minutes 2014 July

Minutes July 2014


Meeting opened at 11:31pm;  Lynn F read the 12 steps



Karen (lit) Sarah (guest), Abby (Tues Noon), Ellen (Friday 1:30), Katlyn (Mon 6pm dexter), Steve (Friday 5:30), Sally (Wed Saline) Christen (mon newcomers), Lynn Treasuer, Steve ( Toledo Sun)


June minutes approved, moved by Karen, Katlyn seconded


Discussed and set agenda


Treasurer’s report:

Doing well, income exceeding expenses

Computer crash has slowed down the reporting process.  Working to install Quicken on a new Mac machine



Report distributed.

Discussion and display of new packets( Welcome back, Focus on Anorexia and Bulimia)

Q: Do we need to give guidelines about what to distribute and when-

A: yes. guidelines for packets in general, and how to distribute newcomer packet- (Karen Lynn) two week window to email out to reps *make sure guidelines are posted in newsletter after finalized


Q: How many packets to distribute to each meeting?

A: 1 or 2


Karen displayed Serenity coin that has the prayer on it as an alternate to newcomer coin that says “Together we can do what we could never do alone.”


yay Jessica! TY for service.  Please include guidelines for packets in next issue after Lynn and Karen come up with the wording.  They will email the guidelines around to IG mailing list.


Jessica, Is it ok to put your contact information on the IG website?


website updates/discussion

Things to add

-IG minutes

-“IG provides newcomer packets as well as welcome back and anorexia packets”

– add literature rep contact info under newcomers and IG tab

Old Business:

committee reports:

Katlyn would like to recruit more people for PI committee.  She will get a flyer going and share it



Christen will send around after getting language together.  Amend quorum to reflect 1 board member, possibly.

also, state recognizes us as a non-profit but we are not nationally registered as a 501c3 fyi


Will be scheduled on actual IDEA day– moved to Nov 15 ( will need to move IG mtg)

Booking speaker. Discussion followed about number of speakers, etc.

Flyers coming soon

New Business:


Current vacant positions include Chair, Vice-chair.

Discussion held about abstinence requirements and board positions.  Reps decided to run IG as group conscious, making decisions by consensus, until board positions are filled at the Nov election. All members of IG are asked to talk individually to each other and encourage board participation.


State paperwork:

We have LLC status, which costs $20 yearly, not due til Oct.

needs to have information filled in if anything has changed.

put on August,Sept agenda to finalize

Meeting Closed with Serenity Prayer at 12:46pm


Wrap up:

August 16th– next IG meeting.  What if every rep ask a visitor to come? Thank you Karen, who brought Sarah to visit!

FYI- vacant IG rep positions:

Ann Arbor:

Sun 1:30

Sunday 7pm

Tues 6:30pm

Wed 9:30am

Thurs 7pm Men’s

Sat 10am


Bowling Green Tues 6pm

Toledo Tues 9:30am

Toledo Wed 6:30pm

Maumee Thurs 8pm

Other Areas:

Brighton   Mon 7pm, Thurs 7:30

Adrian   Sat 9am

Grand Blanc  Sat 19am

Tecumseh  Mon 6pm


Do you know who attends these meetings?  Let’s ask for some people to carry IG announcements to them.


FYI: Which meetings sell literature? Brighton Monday and Thurs, Ann Arbor Monday 7pm, Toledo Sunday so far. If you know of more, please let Shelley know!


August agenda, Old Business:

  1. State paperwork
  2. Board Vacancies
  3. Bylaws update
  4. PI committee recruiting progress
  5. Workshop progress
  6. Need approval to move Nov IG meeting to 4th weekend in Nov due to workshop scheduling.
  7. “Literature item of the month” to be highlighted by Lit Rep during report?