Minutes 2014 August

Minutes 8/16/14


Present: Lynn f (Treasurer) Karen W (Lit chair), Katlyn (PI Committee), Steve (Sunday Toledo 6:30) Ellen (Fri 1:30), and Christen (Mon Newcomers)


Absent: Shelley, Steve L, Susan H, Sally, Abby,


Opened at 11:32 with Serenity Prayer


Agenda was reached by group conscious.


1.State Documents-

signed by Katlyn and will be mailed in by Lynn


2.Treasurer’s Report-

contributions up.  Several reps mentioned retention of newcomers.  Good news!


3. Literature-

will be putting in an order soon. Karen asked for approval to purchase labels listing a2oa.org site for newcomer packs and other PI materials.  Group conscious approved that expense from “Supplies” budget


4.Packet Guidelines-

draft language was sent around and the group approved it for distribution and posting to website


5. We Care List Update-

begin to collect sheets for Sept IG meeting.  May also be mailed to christen at 2887 Hawthorne Way Saline MI 48176


6. Workshop updates-

Steve has been discussing scheduling with Region 5 speakers and hopes to finalize plans soon.


7. Bylaws.

The group is reviewing comparisons between the present bylaws and proposed changes.  We approved language for the IG purpose, qualifications for groups joining IG, some of the board qualifications, and quorum.  Time will be reserved at the next meeting for further discussion of including committee chairs as part of the larger IG board, Dismissal of Board Members and Vacancies.  Juicy stuff!  Join us for input on these important topics.


Meeting closed with I put my hand in yours at 12:40


FYI- vacant IG rep positions:

Ann Arbor:

Sun 1:30

Sunday 7pm

Tues 6:30pm

Wed 9:30am

Thurs 7pm Men’s

Sat 10am


Bowling Green Tues 6pm

Toledo Tues 9:30am

Toledo Wed 6:30pm

Maumee Thurs 8pm

Other Areas:

Brighton   Mon 7pm, Thurs 7:30

Adrian   Sat 9am

Grand Blanc  Sat 9am

Tecumseh  Mon 6pm


Do you know who attends these meetings?  Let’s ask for some people to carry IG announcements to them.


Sept agenda, Old Business:

Nov Idea Day


Nov IG meeting moved due to IDEA day