Intergroup Meeting Minutes – March 17, 2018

Greater Ann Arbor Overeaters Anonymous Intergroup Minutes  – March 17, 2018

Present: Lynn, Diane, Pauline, Barbara, Ellen, Karen, Peg, Bill

Agenda: Treasurer’s Report, Spring Workshop Report, Phone, Constant Contact, Website, Officers

Serenity Prayer

Lynn called meeting to order

Treasurer’s Report – Lynn – View Treasurer Report by clicking here: A2OA March 2018 Treasurer Report

PO Box Rent increased, very little deposited (gone on vacation for previous meeting)

We do have a sizable amount on deposit.

MOTION: Send $1,000 each to WSO and Region 5. MOTION PASSED

Spring Workshop Report – Pauline

Agenda reviewed and confirmed, Literature will be present (helpers needed), 5 cents per copy available to us for event materials. Our readiness status is right on schedule. Intergroup meeting to follow workshop at event.

Website – Bill

In touch with Heather (site designer) and Christen (A2OA Site Mgr). Site Mgr has been ill.

Pauline & Bill working on access to gmail account and website dashboard to make updates. We need to make some corrections and post the Workshop information. Really need more than one person.

Constant Contact – Pauline

We are ready to go. Test  sent out. Lynn to be listed for billing et al,

Finances should be in treasurer’s control to avoid money issue from server. OA people need to request to be added to the service.

Phone – Lynn

Cost is $160 per year, less and less use (there is no phone book for listing any longer), Only 7 OA calls in early 2017, received nothing but sales calls since May of 2017,

MOTION: Disconnect phone line. Discussion: people seem to have made the shift to look for us using the internet & our website. More reason to keep up the website information.  MOTION PASSED Lynn to take care of this.

Officers – Lynn

There are 30 meetings that can send a delegate. We sit here with 8 people today, have serious trouble filling officer positions and getting the meetings’ point of view at Intergroup meetings. Our Chairperson resigned at the February meeting. Question: What do the Bylaws say? Read Bylaws by clikcing here:  IGByLaws  Discussion: Good Intergroup Inventory list at World Service page can be useful. Not reviewed since 2017. It’s time. Copy of Bylaws to be sent to all Intergroup participants for review. Note: Please read Inventory online.

MOTION: At the end of the 4/14/18 workshop make presentation about the need for participation in Intergroup and how it positively affects abstinence. MOTION PASSED. Diane volunteered to make presentation.

Serenity Prayer.


Proposed Agenda for April Meeting taking place after the Sponsorship Workshop, Saturday, 4-14-18, Holy Faith Church, Saline MI)

Treasurer’s Report, Website Progress, Constant Contact/We Care List Update progress, By-laws Inventory